Feed-in your requirements and we will assist you in research, interpret the results and produce a software or device which will be the best fit to your users' needs.

R&D cycle

We can provide you support in:

  • Embedded solutions: MCU
    (AVR, ARM), SBC
    Single Board Computer
    , PLC
    Programmable Logic Controller
    , + associated analog & digital electronics + software (C, C++, assembler)
  • Desktop applications: .NET, C#, WPF, MS SQL Server - WM, DAQ, KVAN, Charging station
  • Medical devices and applications - WM, KVAN
  • User requirement analysis - WM, KVAN, Charging station
  • Measurement and data acquisition - DAQ, Supercapacitor
  • Signal and image analysis (MATLAB + implementation in desktop or embedded applications) - WM, KVAN, Supercapacitor
  • Industrial automation and robotics - Open hand
  • Soft computing solutions - Expert systems, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Fuzzy logic - WM
  • Education (20+ years of teaching at universities)

Through our network of partners and cooperatives from scientific institution and industry we can provide expertise in:

  • Mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • Mechanical engineering (design, construction, classical and additive manufacturing)

For details consult Projects and Downloads sections or send us an inquiry.