Potentiostat - Galvanostat - Supercapacitor/Battery Tester

Goal: Develop affordable instrument capable of performing various electrochemical measurements where high accuracy and extremely low currents are not required.


Potentiostat/galvanostat is an instrument capable of maintaining constant (or programmed) voltage/current in three electrode electrochemical cell. Using containing programmable voltage/current source for supercapacitor and battery testing is just a matter of software.

Instrument under development will contain eight independent channels capable of generating and measuring voltage up to ±10V and current up to ±2.5A.


Target specifications:


Number of channels: 8
Control unit: Embedded (single board) PC, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

Ethernet 100BASE-TX
Ethernet 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.11 (wireless)
Channel controller: AVR XMEGA Microcontroller + ENC424J600 Ethernet Controller
Standardized interface - analog electronics and software determines channel functionality


Electrochemistry: Cyclic voltammetry
Linear sweep voltammetry
Corrosion Measurements
Supercapacitor testing: Testing according to norm IEC 62576:2009:
  • Capacitance
  • Internal resistance
  • Maximum power density
  • Voltage maintenance rate
  • Energy efficiency
Battery testing: Constant current - constant voltage charging and constant current discharging
Battery cycling

Channel 10V_2.5A:

Voltage range: ±10V
Current ranges: ±2.5A
Voltage setting resolution: 5mV (12 bit)
Voltage measurement resolution: 300µV (16 bit)
Current setting resolution: ±2.5A: 1.2mA (12-bit)
±250mA: 120µA (12-bit)
±25mA: 12µA (12-bit)
±2.5mA: 1.2µA (12-bit)
Current measurement resolution: ±2.5A: 76µA (16-bit)
±250mA: 7.6µA (16-bit)
±25mA: 760nA (16-bit)
±2.5mA: 76nA (16-bit)
Sampling rate: 100 mHz - 1 kHz
(up to 100 kHz with 12-bit measurement resolution)
Accuracy: 0.25%